Lake Lovecraft

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Popular local legend and rumors include:

There is a monster out in the ice that swims through it like fish do water, it attacks lone travelers and drags them to the briny depths whenever a fog settles over the lake.

The waters of the lake create a mist that is infused with elemental magic and allows a lucky few to gain mystical water powers if they brave it alone.

The ice at the bottom of the lake is home to a terrible creature that was chained there 20 years ago by the gods of magic.

Students that fail a rite of passage are sacrificed to keep the magic ice of the lake stable with their life blood.

Bathing in the waters of the lake grants a person skin as hard as ice, however few can manage it as the cold kills them before their skin can fully absorb the power.

Every year a cult gathers at the shores to worship their dark god that lies entombed beneath the ice after an epic battle with the Grand Enchanter while he wielded weapons and armor enchanted by the gods of magic themselves.

The lake is sentient and hates people but only attacks lone travelers.

Ghosts of people that have drowned lie beneath the ice on misty nights trying to reach through the ice to grasp the warmth of the living above.

When mixed with the proper herbs the ice of the lake, melted down, can cure any ill or wound.

Magic does not work for extended periods of time above the lake waters, this is why the bridge to the college is stone and not something more fantastic.

Sometimes animals go crazy and charge across the lake’s frozen surface never to be seen again.

Some thing will occasionally grab an animal or unwary man near the edge of the lake and drag it down, striking with it’s tentacle from as far away as 100 feet.

Lately mist has become much more common to the point of most people believing magic is involved beyond the normal.

Lake Lovecraft

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