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DMP – This group of monsters only accepts the most terrible and vicious creatures into their ranks, few pass the entry tests, all are deadly, they are all the more terrifying for the fact that they are obviously organized. Nobody is sure what the letters stand for but everywhere they go they spread destruction, mayhem, and panic.

The Forgelands – Ruled by King Anvilhand who sits on the Iron Throne this kingdom is relatively new having been founded within the last few hundred years. Prior to that the area was ruled by a collection of warlords and savage humanoids. Thanks to a dimensional disturbance about 20 years ago there are pockets of land that interdicted with various elemental planes. Notably Earth in the south has created an upswing in precious gem mining in that area, also the lake surrounding the Enchanter’s college is frozen most of the time due to Elemental Ice near the bottom of the lake, mining this ice is illegal. Because the founder of The Forgelands was an adventurer this kingdom strongly supports adventurers and has a government sponsored adventures guild. Thanks to the high concentration of adventurers the kingdom has a surprisingly strong luxury goods economy, making even powerful magical items possible to find.

Drow – The dark elfs, their society is rotten to the core where one can do virtually any unspeakable act with little justification. Slavers and assasins walk the dark streets and virtually every creature that lives here has murdered someone else. Ruled by the priestess of Lolth, males are second class citizens, bodies are not buried but kept preserved for future animation or spell componet harvesting.


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