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Fate Points are house ruled resources that allow heroic charaters to be be even more heroic, however they are more difficult to obtain and then most other resources.


Every character at creation starts with 10 + level! points (ie at level 3: 10+1+2+3 = 16)
Doing very dramatic or heroic actions CAN be judged worthy of fate point bestowal
Bribing the GM with favorite foods/snacks/drinks
Hosting the game session is worth 1 point
Leveling up adds the level in fate points to the character


These instances scale with great investment in points:
NPC relationships – you can invest fate points to establish a history with NPCs, the more powerful the NPC the more points generally needed to establish relationships. Example – The party fighter has gotten drunk and tossed in jail overnight, he hears adjacent thieves discuss plans to rob the party with a visitor. When the jailer come is the fighter expends 1 fate point and declares that he and the jailer went to the same military academy together. Since the fighter lived nearby this seems reasonable to the GM and falling into the town guard not unreasonable for a post military career the GM accepts this and the guard notices the fighter and strikes up a conversation during which the fighter is able to convince him to send the party a warning letter.
In the above example if the fighter were to have used more points he could have declared a stronger relation, for example at 5 points the guard owed him a personal favor when he saved the guard’s sister from certain death. In this case if pushed the guard willingly lets the fighter out as “the least he could do” and if he ever needed a hand the grateful guard would be happy to help within reason…
However lets say instead of the standard jailer the Duke passes through, in attempting to influence a lord one point just won’t cut it, maybe 3 would be enough to say the Duke remembers the fighter as a good guardsman that fell on hard times and being a relatively good soul he’s willing to have a message dispatched for the fighter.
Gold – By expanding fate points BETWEEN GAMES (usually) the characters may gain gold which comes to them by some stroke of good fortune, an old debt is repaid, a good deed is remembered, or they simply find they had more then they thought when they were lugging loot out of the dungeon. 500g / 1 point is probably a reasonable estimate but the GM reserves the right to adjust this ratio at any time.
Magic Items – To gain powerful magical items the players may expand Fate Points, this is very individualistic, note that this does not include mundane gear like rope and trail rations. The more powerful the item the more points, the more USEFUL the item the powerful it is considered.


  1. Used to take an automatic 20 on a roll, declared prior to rolling or gain skill points equivalent to one level up (class base + int modifier).
  2. Reroll any dice, does NOT include an automatic 20
  3. Negate a critical hit
  4. Take another action (make another attack, cast another spell, ect) limited 1/round
  5. Gain a feat

Fate Points

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