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New Characters – Besides Fate points, new characters have max hit points for the first 5 levels (does not stack with Toughness or Tough as Nails below). Class skill restrictions are removed excluding use magic device, instead any character can get the feat skill focus in “use magic device” TO TREAT IT AS A NORMAL SKILL.

Weapon Finesse Auto-confirms crits – Taking the feat means attacks with that weapon that threaten a critical always succeed on an opponent subject to critical hits.

The +/- 10 Rule – If a d20 rolls 20 or one it is not an automatic success or failure but instead acts as -10 or +10. Can be subverted with Fate points (see below).

Feat Modification: Toughness – Now character gains maximum hit dice every level up.

New Feat: Tough As Nails – Prerequisite Toughness: Increase hit dice by one step (can only be taken once)

Critical hits multiply sneak attack damage – Sneak attack damage is added to a critical hit before the total is multiplied.

Metamagic under review – A character has a metamagic “pool” equal to their effective character level that refreshes every game day. When using metamagic the character can opt to draw points from the pool in place of level adjustments. For example Empower Spell normally makes a spell 2 levels higher, however a player can instead use 1 point to reduce the spell to being 1 level higher OR 2 points to eliminate the level adjustment on the Empowered spell.
note A character still must possess the metamagic feat.

Drama Points/Fate Points – A new character has 10 + !level points (ie at level 5: 10+1+2+3+4+5 = 25 points, or level 9: 10+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 55 points) and every level up gains their level in points (Character levels from 8 —> 9 gets 9 points)


  • 5 points – One feat the character qualifies for.
  • 5 points – Character gains 2 base stat points in one area: strength constitution ect, MAY NOT EXCEED 20 prior to adjustments!(19—>20 not 21) (racial, or magical adjustments are not calculated in the cap, excluding tomes of stat boosting)
  • 3 points – Re-roll hostile action of dire consequence (crits, spell penetration, concentration checks ect.
  • 2 points – Re-roll non-dire dice roll, guarantee enemy failure once.
  • 1 point – Automatic POSSIBLE success (natural 20 on even impossible feats/actions will have some success) Adjusted for dramatic or circumstantial modifiers, if action was possible adds a modifier of +5 or higher to roll. Over-rides the +/- 10 rule, and can be invoked at the roll of 20 or 1 by PCs or NPCs.
  • 1 point – Gain 1 level’s worth of skill points.
  • variable point cost – Gain item of magical power proportionate to points spent.
  • variable point cost – Add NPC ally (acquaintance) power of ally affects cost, can be used on npcs currently dealing with, that are not overtly hostile, more points increases friendliness towards player (NOT party as a whole, just player).

House Rules

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