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The Forgelands is a kingdom thats only been around for the last hundred or so years. The Forgelands was founded by an adventurer and conseqently the kingdom has favorable attitudes towards adventurers seeing them as problem solvers and trouble shooters. Orignally land that was in constant conflict The Forgelands was created when several warlords, blackgaurds, and savage species were defeated by King Anvilhand. Although there is a royal family in theory the crown can be given to non-royals, this has happened a few times but often ends with a return of the crown to a member of the royal family, although the royal family sometimes rotates who wears the crown. The crown is tied to an artifact called the Iron Throne. Thanks to the heavy support of an adventurer economy the kingdom although relativly small is very wealthy, and boasts the most advanced center of enchantment in the known world, The Golden Vase.

Religion: To the extend that worshiprs follow the laws of the land any faith is allowed.
Primary: St. Cuthbert the god of Law gave the first king an artifact to ensure that all the kings of the land would be fair to their subjects and so is the offical God of the King, and what faith most people default too.

Notable Locations:
Golden Vase – college for aspiring enchanters, much cutting edge research is done here.
Capital -
Gem Quarter – Town that is the southwestern bastion against raiding savage humanoids.

The Forgelands

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